Data Analysis. Graphic tools, descriptive statistics, empirical and theoretical  properties, statistical criteria. Statistical models. Applications.

This  course  develops  and  applies  scaling  laws  and  the  methods  of  continuum  mechanics  to biomechanical phenomena over a range of length scales. The emphasis for applications will be on soft tissues, but the student will develop general skills for continuum stress and strain analysis.  With a continuum mechanical approach (solid and fluid mechanics, rheology) the following topics are addressed: mechanical properties of biofluids and biosolids, blood rheology, blood flow in arteries and veins, mechanical behaviour of skeletal muscles/heart muscle, mechanical properties of tissues such as bone and cartilage. Some  parts  will  be  based  on current research in mechanics and biomechanics carried out in SFedU. 

Курс охватывает следующие области:

  • обработка изображений;
  • компьютерное зрение.